venpack is the manufacturers and suppliers of high quality iso dry bulk liners and other products for bulk shipment of goods.


Thermal Liners

Shipment Thermal Liners

thermal liners

Thermal Liners are required to protect the goods from adverse weather conditions when being transported from one geographical area to other. Some goods are very sensitive top temperature and may become unfit for use if the desired temperature is not maintained inside the container. Such goods are covered with thermal liners which protect them from temperature variations. Our thermal liners are coated with reflective materials.

Thermal Liners are made from Woven Polypropylene laminated with a reflective material, which can be fitted into a general-purpose ISO shipping container and allows for forklift loading, hand loading. Once loaded it is fully sealed protecting all six walls and providing a closed off protection against access or fluctuating temperatures, Light/UV, Oxidation and fluctuation of humidity during the transit. We offer these protective thermal liners in different dimensions and grades according the varied requirements of our clients. They are of very high quality and reasonably priced. We have supplied these thermal liners to many countries across the world including USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Africa, European countries, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia etc. We are also into the manufacturing of container liners and accessories.


  • Pallet Covers.
  • Air freight pallet covers.
  • 20' STD Liners with or without floor
  • 40' STD Liners with or without floor
  • Custom built as customer requirement