venpack is the manufacturers and suppliers of high quality iso dry bulk liners and other products for bulk shipment of goods.


Dry Bulk Container Liners

Woven PP Container Liners

container liners

Container Liners are the essential packing materials for the bulk shipment of goods, materials and commodities. When the goods are being transported from one geographical location to another, it is natural that the goods come in contact with contaminators like water, oil, dust, soil, air etc, which will degrade or spoil the quality of the goods. With little or excessive contamination; the goods may become unfit for the use or it may be declared unfit by concerned governmental bodies. If the goods do not conform to the quality standards set by concerned governments of the destination country, the transported goods may get rejected by the authorities. To avoid these situations, dry bulk container linersare being used as protective layers. With the use of bulk container liners for shipment, the contamination of the goods can be avoided completely and the goods will be protected safely.

The food items, vegetables, chemicals, fertilizers, fuels, medicines and other essential commodities are vulnerable to contamination. Goods are transported in bulk, using the open or closed vessels called containers through sea. By covering the surface of these containers with the container liners, the direct surface contact between the container vessels and the goods can be eliminated. Moreover, these dry bulk liners save the packaging cost significantly.

Venpack is one of the well known container liners suppliers across the globe. We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of wide range of Woven PP container liners. Our products are exported to many countries in the world such as Australia, South Africa, UK, Singapore, Dubai, USA, France, Kuwait, New Zealand, Germany etc. Our liners are intended for safer transportation of commodities from place to place. Our liners are made available in different dimensions, specifications and grades so as to fit the varied demands of our customers. Manufactured under extreme care and quality processes, our dry bulk liners can provide fool-proof packing for your valuable goods. The raw materials and ingredients we use to manufacture dry bulk liners are required to pass the initial quality check and are sourced from the highly trustable vendors.

Venpack is world's one the very few manufacturers of bulk shipment container liners. We are one of the largest exporters of these liners across the world. Having very good manufacturing plant, modern machineries, sophisticated equipments and well defined quality processes, we have emerged as one of the most elegant suppliers for container liners worldwide. Quality, Timely Delivery, Innovation and Engineering Excellence are the core values of our business. Our dry bulk liners are used by major shipment companies in the world. Due to our vast experience in the field, we are ready to take up any challenges or complex requirements in the field.

Liners is made from Woven PP (Poly-propylene) or HDPE material with single side lamination or double side lamination with heavy GSM Integral Bulk Head stitched to the body of the liners with the provisions in the bulk head to place the steel bars, wherein these liners can be easily fitted into a general-purpose ISO shipping container, also custom built containers for bulk shipping of various commodities. We have made the handling, transportation and installation of the container liners easy.

We also offer PP liners including the complete accessories required for the installation of the container liners to a Standard 20FT or 40 FT ISO shipping container. i.e. powder coated steel tubes (which is having better resistance to corrosion compared to the galvanized tubes), Carabinas, Buckets, Air Bags, etc. Our dry bulk liners and fittings give total safety for your goods for complicated and bulk shipments. We are the also one of the very few thermal liners manufacturers and suppliers in the world.


  • 20ft / 30ft / 40ft
  • Barless Liners
  • Full access cargo liner
  • Top Filling Full access cargo liner
  • Mailbox discharge
  • Fishtail discharge
  • Triangular bulkhead liner
  • Zipped loaded box liner
  • Rapid Flow
  • Air bag, vented system-dependent on filling material & application
  • Bulkhead with steel or no bars, integrated WPP.
  • Custom built liners.

Used for bulk shipping:

  • Malt & Agricultural Products
  • Granules, polymers
  • Chemicals, Fertilizers

Polyethylene Container Liners

container liners

Venpack has emerged as one of the most prominent manufacturers and exporters of wide spectrum of polyethylene container liners and dry bulk liners. These liners are specially fabricated and designed for shipment of goods in bulk. Our liners are supplied in different dimensional specifications and grades. Our products are used by companies across the world, for the safe transfer of the goods from one part of the world to another.

PE liners are made from polyethylene film 125 microns to 180 microns. It can be fabricated to various designs, which can be easily fitted into general purpose ISO shipping container and also into custom built containers. These liners serve as fool-proof protecting layers between container and the commodities. This is how the liners keep the goods free from contamination.

We offer a PE dry bulk container liners wherein the front portion of the liner is reinforced with a PP woven bulk head with the provisions in the bulk head to place 3 or 4 steel bars which can be fitted to general ISO shipping containers. This ensures the shipment goods are safely transported.


  • 20 ft liners / 30 ft liners / 40 ft liners.
  • With  Filling Spouts / Vent Spouts
  • Normal Discharge/ Fish Tail Type Discharge
  • With Conductive Films: Use these for potentially combustible products-Starch, Sugars, Flavorings
  • End Fill and Top fill options
  • Air Bags attachment
  • Custom Built Liners

Used for bulk shipping: 

  • All easy flowing materials and media
  • Granules, polymers
  • Chemicals 
  • Fine Powders
  • Food Stuff

Wet Hide Liners

thermal liners

We are one of the most profound manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of wide range of wet hide liners for bulk shipment. Our wet hide liners are coated with polyethylene membrane to ensure leak proof transportation of wet hides. Wet Hide Liners are slightly different from container liners and are used in shipment of hides and other commodities. Our liner does not have roof cover and are available in attractive rates. Installation of our wet hide liners to a regular shipping container is simple. Venpack's container liners are always appreciated by our clients for its outstanding quality and durability.


20 Ft and 40 ft Standards


  • Optimum quality
  • Expansive applications
  • Easy to use